Reasons to Choose Mustang II Coilovers for Your Vehicle

The suspension of your vehicle makes a massive difference in your drivability. From handling corners to dealing with varied terrains, having a way to adjust the height of your Mustang enables you to manage everything from the racetrack to cruising down main street.

One of the easier ways to make this ride experience even more rewarding is to install a set of Mustang II coilovers. Let’s review some of the benefits you’ll receive when you integrate the durable and easy-to-adjust Mustang II coilovers from our team at Rod & Custom Motorsports.

What is a Coilover?

The basics of a coilover are that you take a coil spring and shock absorber and then blend them into a single unit. That way, you can improve how well your vehicle is handled as well as its resting stance.

Unlike the traditional suspension systems you would get off the line, these Mustang II coilovers allow you to adjust the height for daily use or performance situations.

Coilovers Can Go Lower Than Lowering Springs

Being able to make your Mustang II go a little lower than traditional settings is the primary benefit of Mustang II coilovers. This is more than a fun aesthetic during a car show. Having a lower vehicle adds to its overall aerodynamics. It lowers the center of gravity, so you feel empowered with stability and enhanced handling.

Coilovers Offer Fantastic Adjustability

Coilovers can be adjusted in a number of different ways. Our Mustang II coilovers use a single knob that you can tune to reach that “perfect” suspension firmness and responsiveness. Having a flexible option allows you to get the height you need for comfort, control, and visual appearance.

Get a More Controlled Ride Experience

Control is a vital consideration. Yes, you want more control on wet roads, or windy mountain passes, but performance cars also need control when on the racetrack. As the coilovers absorb road irregularities, it ensures you have a far more stable ride that responds well to minor changes or around tighter corners.

Made from Premium Quality Billet Aluminum Body QA1 Coils

All our Mustang II coilovers are made from only the highest-grade materials. These are billet aluminum body QA1 coils that can be installed on the front or rear systems. We also offer single or double-adjustment models, so you get strength, durability, and performance, even after rigorous use.

Wrapping Up

The next time you’re considering upgrading a feature or part of your vehicle, try out our Mustang II coilovers. These allow you to better control the comfort and stability of your car as you run to the supermarket or showcase its power on the track.

Visit our store today and discover the specific Mustang II coilovers perfect for your exact vehicle model and year. Through quality construction and assurance testing, these little devices are a wise, long-term investment representing a unique improvement through modern suspension technology and customization. all to elevate your overall driving experience.