SecurePath Premium & Shahin Sira Dubai

All goods vehicles registered in Dubai are subject to the mandatory Shahin SIRA Dubai legislation, which is enforced by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai. Its objective is to increase the security and mobility of the Dubai-registered goods fleet. Its primary objectives are to improve traffic safety, expedite trade processes, and bolster security by closely observing the movement of cars and cargo across the city. This comprehensive system enables round-the-clock monitoring from the port of entry to the destination via GPS tracking devices mounted on trucks at various ports.

Shahin SIRA Dubai’s Application:

The deployment of SHAHIN is an essential first step towards improving the security of Dubai’s transport network. Effectively tracking and monitoring each truck used to move cargo cars aids in preventing theft, unauthorized use, and other criminal activity. By allowing authorities to track and trace each truck, this is made possible.

Make sure the GPS tracker installed in a vehicle covered by SHAHIN Dubai adheres to SIRA regulations and has been authorized. In case of noncompliance, there could be legal ramifications.

Vehicle Tracking System Dubai: SecurePath Premium

To enhance the security and surveillance of cargo vehicles and freight transit, the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) has certified the GPS tracking system SecurePath Premium.

Real-time GPS vehicle monitoring is made possible by SecurePath Premium’s advanced tracking features. Equipped with this technology, SIRA can effectively oversee and manage the transportation of goods and goods-carrying vehicles, ensuring both legal compliance and public safety.

SHAHIN and SecurePath Premium work together to improve the system’s functionality. It provides crucial ownership details, simplifies the process of obtaining registration information, and ensures that only authorized vehicles are driven.

The Shahin portal and SecurePath Premium can enhance business operations in the ways listed below.

Enhanced security and cutting-edge GPS tracking technology: SecurePath Premium’s primary selling feature is its state-of-the-art GPS tracking system. Enterprises can ensure the security of their vital supplies throughout the entire trip by utilizing real-time updates and location tracking.

Proof of Adherence to the Regulations: In the highly regulated transportation and logistics industry, obtaining a certificate of installation for tracking devices is essential. Since they are using a reputable and approved solution, businesses can use this accreditation with confidence.

How Do I Open a Dubai Account with SHAHIN SIRA?

Your business must be registered with SHAHIN Dubai in order to run transport vehicles in Dubai, uphold local laws, and promote road safety. If you wish to register your company in SHAHIN for goods cars and goods transport in Dubai, you must be aware of the prerequisites and procedures.

To begin the registration process, you must gather the necessary documentation and meet the requirements stated by SHAHIN. Companies operating in Dubai’s transport industry should become acquainted with the SHAHIN standards and take the necessary steps to register as soon as possible. They can ensure efficient operations and improve safety by doing this.